Icebreaker Activity

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Instruction of the assignment.


Icebreaker Activity: In groups of four to five, identified in the first week of class, each student will present an “icebreaker” activity that often occurs at the beginning of training sessions. This will give you experience in “warming up” your audience and gaining trainee participation.

  • Review Chapter 8, pages 291 – 292 for a description and criteria for an icebreaker. Please ensure that you also research the topic of icebreakers as there are manygreat resources to help you craft yours expertly.
  • Choose an activity that involves everyone and present it to your group. Please record your icebreaker session and upload it to Canvas so that I can review it also.
    • Your icebreaker session should last fifteen minutes.
    • The content should focus on one of the following: getting to know the other participants, diversity, cross-cultural understanding, or leadership development.
  • Write-up a handout to be uploaded, along with the recording, after your presentation that describes how to do the activity. Include any visuals, materials list, and/or answer keys needed to successfully complete the icebreaker. In the write-up please include a summary of how the icebreaker went over with your group and any changes you would do if you had the opportunity. This part of the write-up should be approximately 750 hundred words. Finally, at the conclusion of the write-up include a list of the sources used to complete the exercise.

Name of the book..Effective Training (5th Edition) 5th Edition

by P. Nick Blanchard  (Author), James Thacker (Author)

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