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Human resources policy and guideline implementation to meglobal

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic human resources policy and guideline implementation to meglobal.

The researcher states that the approach dictates the implementation strategy one may use when implementing solution recommendations. In finding solutions to this problem, there may be severe consequences. For instance, an employee may feel offended by the general perception of their hygiene in the office setting.

The employee may terminate their working contract because their self-esteem may be lowered by their colleagues’ remarks. Regardless of the solution achieved, this assertion may make it difficult for a human resource manager to come up with a proper implementation strategy for the solution. Human resource management is an activity based on how satisfied employees are by the working environment in an organization.

According to Budd, human resource management requires total commitment from all departmental heads in an organization. However, human resource managers are given the obligation to ensure all employees are comfortable in the organization setting. Employee welfare ranges from compensation strategies, wages payment, the general environment of the setting, and the organizational culture of the organization to the relationship among all levels of an organization.

The authors further argue that fulfilling these wants depends on how well a management system is willing to fulfill these needs. The whole organization needs a human resource framework that covers the needs of the entire staff, in spite of the duty of the human resource manager to make sure employees are contented. With human resource practices developing at a high rate, it has become a downhill task to execute the needs of employees through implementing previous successful strategies.

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