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Social Media Bullying

Write an essay 2 pages on problem and solution about social media bullying. Please make sure that there is a work cited page with more than one references. There should be NO plagiarism what so ever. must be in MLA format.

Structural Outline for the Problem-Solution Pap

I. Introduction
A. Attention-grabbing hook (question, scene, interesting fact or quote, setting a scene, etc.)
B. Introduce the problem.
C. Causes/effects of the problem (Why does the problem happen? How does it impact society, individuals, etc.? Why is it so important that we address this problem as soon as possible?)
D. Thesis Statement (main-idea sentence) stating proposed solution.
II. Body
A. Propose a solution that addresses the problem. Focus your paper on one solution and the steps you would take to carry out that solution; do not list multiple solutions.
1. Explain the initial step you would take to implement the solution, giving specific examples.
2. Another step for implementing the solution (with elaboration)?
3. Another step for implementing the solution (with elaboration)?
B. Discuss why this solution is an ideal solution. Consider such factors as low cost, efficiency (how easily it can be implemented), the reasons why the solution would appeal to a specific group of people, incentives for adopting this solution, etc.
1. Provide evidence for each reason. For instance, if you’re proving that your solution can be carried out with very little cost to the public, demonstrate how the solution can be done using volunteer labor or buildings that already exist.
2. How does this solution help the problem or a certain aspect of the problem?
III. Conclusion
A. Reiterate why this solution is the perfect solution and how it helps address the problem (while using different wording than the intro and body paragraphs). Be sure to avoid new information in the conclusion.

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