HR Assignment 1

HR Question 1:

Consider the difference between the concepts of diversity and multiculturalism. How would you determine the difference between an organization focused on compliance versus one that promoted multiculturalism? What evidence would you be looking for and why? Discuss at least three ideas.

HR Question 2:

Some organizations follow a lengthy, complex selection process, whereas in other organizations the process may be more streamlined. Some may view the longer and more complex selection process to be more valid.

  1. A) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a lengthier process versus a more streamlined one? Consider the perspectives of both the job seekers and the organization and the trade-offs between efficiency and effectiveness. As a job seeker, what process would you prefer to follow and why?
  2. B) Consider the selection process for an organization where you were ultimately hired. How would you describe the process from a candidate perspective? Do you believe it was effective? Why or why not?

HR Question 3:

Consider a job you currently have or have held in the past.

  1. A) Perform a job analysis on that job. What tasks are required? What knowledge, skills, and abilities are necessary to perform those tasks?
  2. B) Prepare a job description based on your analysis.

Assuming the role of a human resource manager, how does a job analysis help protect the organization from legal issues? How can a job analysis be used to support recruiting and compensation decisions?

HR Question 4:

  • Why is retention such a major focus for human resource managers? How does focusing on retention add strategic value to the organization?
  • How would you go about developing a retention program for your organization? What might be some of your biggest challenges? What type of metrics would you need to obtain and what methods would you use?

HR Question 5:

  • How are motivation and engagement related to employee retention? Do you see a difference between the concepts of job satisfaction and employee engagement? What factors might contribute to job satisfaction and engagement? Explain your answer.
  • Think about a job where you have been employed for many years. What factors influenced your job satisfaction? What factors influenced your decision to stay and why? Consider a job where you had a short tenure. What factors influenced your job dissatisfaction? What factors contributed to your resignation and what factors could have made you stay? Which were within the organization’s control?

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