How to Improve Your Memory

Mind Tool’s site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. on memory techniques and mnemonics will help you apply the concepts taught in this chapter to improve your own memory. This site reviews the underlying principles of effective mnemonic systems, then introduces several specific mnemonics and applies them to the remembering of names, dates, telephone numbers, and so on. Of special interest to you will be the section “Using mnemonics for exams.”

Visit these sites and then prepare answers to the following:

1. What three fundamental principles underlie the use of mnemonics?

2. Describe three specific mnemonic techniques that are not described in the text.

3. Show how one of the three mnemonic devices described above can be applied to studying for an exam.
REMINDERS: we have to make sure we meet the
1. Three fundamental principles are identified and described accurately
2. Three specific mnemonics techniques not in the text are described
3. One mnemonic from above that can be applied to studying for an exam is identified and described accurately
4. Grammar and spelling
5. Flow

How to Improve Your Memory

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