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How the revolutions of 1848 differ from revolutions of 1787-89

Write an essay of 750 words (no less than 650 and no more than 850 words) on this question: how did the revolutions of 1848 differ from those that occurred in 1787-89? The quality of your essay will depend on specific references to trends and events.

History Essay: Introduction To Western Civilization

My essay includes a short introduction, several body paragraphs, and a short conclusion (essay #1 may include only one body paragraph; essay #2 must include several body paragraphs).

My essay sticks to the required word count.


My introduction includes a clear and assertive thesis statement that answers the question in the prompt. This statement can be one or two sentences.

Each body paragraph has a topic sentence that summarizes the main idea of the paragraph, and supports my thesis.

Each body paragraph transitions seamlessly to the next and illustrates the relationship between adjacent paragraphs.

Each body paragraph contains evidence from primary sources that support my thesis.

My conclusion consolidates all the information I discussed and restates my thesis.


Each quote is correctly cited using MLA in-text citations. See examples.

  • When citing/paraphrasing The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, Vol. II: Since 1500, 6th ed: …(Hunt et al., 133)…
  • When citing/paraphrasing primary sources: …(Rousseau, 5)… or …(Marx and Engels, 21c)…
  • When citing/paraphrasing lectures: …(Hunt, Lecture #3)…

All quotes are properly introduced. I told the reader who is speaking (name+who they are), when (date), and in which context (name of speech or article, etc.).

After introducing the author of the quote, I used a signal phrase to indicate that their words are next. E.g.: “In The Social Contract, Rousseau stated that…” (Rousseau, 3) or “According to Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto, …” (Marx and Engels, 21c)

Each quote or piece of evidence is explained and put in context. I interpreted the evidence for the reader in relation to my argument and the period being studied.

No outside primary sources may be used: you must stick to the ones included in “Documents from Sources of the Making of the West,” or the ones Prof. Hunt provided on CCLE.


My essay does not over-quote, feature lengthy quotes, or paraphrase large sections of the textbooks.

I do not start or end any paragraphs with quotes.

I read my essay aloud to myself or a friend. I checked that each sentence is clear, eliminated any cases of passive voice, and removed awkward or vague phrases.

I proofread and spell-checked my essay.

My essay includes dates, definitions, and explanations of who people are.

British Industrial Revolution & American and French political revolutions

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