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Self-reflection research essay

Create a 5-paragraph self-reflection research essay of 500-750 words that includes: an introduction with a mapped thesis statement, three

body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The following sub-topics should be the basis of your thesis statement and three body paragraphs:

1.Explain how you can apply the knowledge learned in this course towards effective communication within your field of study.
2.Explain areas of strengths in communication you feel you will bring to your field of study.
3.Explain areas of opportunity that you can work on in regards to communication within your field of study and why developing these

communication skills will be important to you personally.
You may use First Person point of view in the writing, as it is a personal reflection.

Field of study is: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

You are required to use at least one source for supporting your essay; the textbook for this course may be used as a source. Don’t forget

1 in-text citations per supporting paragraph and a References list.

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