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How social media influence larger public debates

As a society, the use of social media in everyday discussions is quite prevalent. For example, social media brought much attention to the unrest in Ferguson, MO, the recent Oscars boycott and even targeting particular people at red carpet events, such as Zendaya at last year’s Oscars through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Discuss how Twitter and other forms of social media influence larger public debates in the realm of discrimination. The attached articles discuss “hashtag activism.”

Do you think that social media serves as an important tool for challenging various forms of discrimination? Or, rather, do you think that media representations systematically stereotype and stigmatize groups of people to the detriment of our society (10 points)?

Discuss with your peers the steps that you think should be taken to foster cross-cultural understanding and peace within the realm of social media (10 points). Please read and refer to the following articles and websites in your post (9 points).

Last Updated on June 30, 2021

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