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How circadian rhythm affect mood and cognition

(1500 words ±10% excluding the reference list)?

How circadian rhythm affect mood and cognition

This is not a normal essay where you start with introduction, and you address a hypothesis. this is a review article in a scientific journal, so it is more like telling a story in a logical order

Attached are 2 articles to use in order to write up the review however you are encouraged to use references to support some the claims

Use subheadings as follows

1-what is circadian rhythm (melatonin)

2-how circadian rhythm affects our body

3- explain the two pathways

  1. a) image forming (visiual)
  2. b) non image forming(intrinsic-melanopsin)

4-how circadian rhythm affects our mood and cognition.

Make sure you include more details/figures in this section as it is the main part of the paper.

5- Final paragraph

a personal view on the circadian rhythm and the research done on it, and the benefits from knowing these facts &how can it influence/improve our lifestyle. -Use figures to support evidence, for experiments from the papers do not write details about the method just a general statement of what they did.

Marks of the paper would be based upon the following:

(1) CLARITY OF PURPOSE: Does the report have a central theme or hypothesis and does the title and abstract clearly and accurately summarize that theme?

(2) INTEGRATION: Does the report intelligently integrate the findings of multiple research papers in a logical sequence so as to develop the central theme or working hypothesis of the report?

3) SCIENTIFIC DEPTH: Does the report convincingly explain the nature of the evidence from the individual papers upon which her/his key conclusions are based?

(4) APPROPRIATE STYLE and QUALITY CONTROL: The report should follow the style of a review article in a scientific journal, using formal English as this written to expert in the neuroscience/biology field. . cited in the text with the citations all listed at the end using the Harvard Style

word limit (1500 words ±10%excluding the reference list)?

(5) CONCLUSIONS AND SIGNIFICANCE: How well are the conclusions supported by the evidence presented? How convincingly do the conclusions address the issue/hypothesis that was defined by the title and abstract?

Papers: use at least 5 references

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