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Hospitalized Patient and Collaborative Care Presentation

SDV 101 – Introduction to Health Professions


You will research your assigned career for the next two weeks and submit a written assignment on how your assigned career cares for the case study patient. You are detailing the information found on your hospitalized patient investigation and will upload your information onto the Discussion Board thread in Bb. The research and information you create will be focused on a single discipline and that disciplines role in the collaboration with other health professionals as well as the treatment of this individual.


A 65-year old female is transferred to your facility for evaluation prior to hip replacement surgery. Her medical history reveals a history of smoking (1 pack/day for 30 years) and is significant for hypertension and diabetes, both controlled with medication. Her medical history is also significant because she has been prone to heterotopic bone formation (the presence of bone where bone does not normally exist). The primary care physician is concerned that the risk of more heterotopic bone growth will negatively impact the success of the joint replacement surgery. The physician orders treatment for the heterotopic bone growth prior to the joint replacement surgery.

Health Professionals Involved with Collaborative Care:

Here are some questions/hints to get you started.

Nursing ( RN) – What are aspects to be included in your care plan? What education would you provide based on disease, diet and glucose? At what point in the comprehensive care of this patient would nursing care occur (pre-, mid-, post-surgery)?

Radiography (Registered Technologist in Radiography (RT), CT, MRI) – What images may be required in this treatment and why? Include pre-treatment, mid-treatment and post-treatment images.

Phlebotomy and Medical Lab Technician – What types of blood work, blood values might be needed and why? At what point in the comprehensive care of this patient would phlebotomy and MLT be needed (pre-, mid-, or post-surgery)?

Radiation Oncology – What is your role in the treatment of heterotopic bone growth? At what point in the comprehensive care of this patient would radiation therapy occur (pre-, mid-, or post-surgery)?

Dental Hygiene – What is the dental hygienists’ involvement in joint replacement surgery? Is the dental hygienist involvement with treatment of heterotopic bone growth? Diabetes? Smoking? At what point in the comprehensive care of this patient would dental hygiene care occur (pre-, mid-, or post-surgery)?

Assignment Guidelines:

Written (Due by 5th):
1. Please see the attached rubric for grading method.
2. Paper is typed, double-spaced, and font-size ranges between 10-12 points. Margins are set at 1 inch. Appropriate length is 1-2 [ages.
3. Please be mindful of your grammar and spelling. If you have difficulty with this area, please visit the Writing Center. You WILL lose points for grammar and spelling. A healthcare professional must be able to write well.
4. Any reference format is acceptable. However, the proper writing rules for the chosen format apply whether using MLA, APA, etc.
5. Research using professional sources for information.
a. Acceptable Sources:
1. National Institutes of health
2. John Hopkins
3. Professional journals
b. Unacceptable Sources:
1. Roanoke Times
2. Yahoo
3. Wikipedia

6. List your references on one separate page.

7. Paper to be submitted electronically through blackboard under the discussion board.

Discussion Board Requirements (Due by 12th):

Read and respond to two (2) posted papers that are on a different career choice than the one you submitted. You are expected to monitor your analysis and to answer questions posed by your classmates. You may also comment to your analysis, but that will not be for credit on this assignment. Post directly under the original paper post by replying and putting “response to (student’s name)” as the title.

You contribution to class activities is very important, not only for your own learning, but also for our learning community. Each class member is a valued participant who is responsible for contributing to his/her learning as well as the learning of fellow classmates. Comments do not have to be lengthy, but must provide constructive feedback (“yes, I agree” and similar comments are not considered valid responses).

You may praise your classmates’ efforts, but also provide a useful observation or suggestion. This is not an “English lesson”; in other words, leave the grammatical corrections to me. Instead, it is for you to analyze and provide insight into the content.


[1] Stephan, Bowman, Park, Sill and Ohland, Thinking Like an Engineer, Upper Saddle River: Pearson Higher Education, Inc., 2015.
Excellent (3 pts) Adequate (1.5 pts) Not Covered (0 pts)
Description Description of the specific joint replacement is included

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