History of tourist behavior research questions

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Please remember to cite all sources using APA format. Please write eight well written sentences per question. Please discuss the history of tourist behavior.

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1) Please discuss scenic tourism, social tourism, religious tourism, educational tourism and cultural tourism. Please discuss the appropriate target markets for each of the above.

2) Please go online and key in Andreason Model of Consumer Behavior so that you have a clear understanding of consumer behavior for tourism marketing. Please remember to cite all sources.

3) Please discuss the importance of conducting tourism research.

4) Due to the pandemic we are seeing a resurgence of outdoor drive in movies. As a child this was a common form of entertainment. Please discuss how you would market this venue and what you would do to keep the momentum going after the pandemic is over.

5) The Academy Awards continue to see a significant decline in viewership. If your agency were hired to do the marketing what would you do to improve this situation.

6) How would you market the new James Bond film?

7) How would you market the NBA so that the audience feels safe and secure that they will not become ill from attending live games?

8) Please review MPI (Meeting Planners International) and please explain why you believe this industry organization would be a good one to join.

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9) Please discuss the project management approach to event planning.

10) Why would it be beneficial for you to join the Anaheim Convention & Bureau’s organization?

11) Please discuss events logistics.

12) Please discuss the economic impact of sporting events.

13) Please discuss at least five potential hazards that could occur at an event and how would you propose that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that you are prepared in the situation.

14) Why is it important to have a crisis communications plan?

15) What role does local government have with tourism and events that take place in their city?

16) What types of media would you want for your various events. Please give me an idea of what events you are planning on working on and please discuss the appropriate communication tools?

17) Please discuss budgeting as a logically sequenced planning process.

18) Please discuss why it is important to understand the RFP (request for proposal) or RFQ (request for quote) process as you approach degree competition.

19) If you were going to produce a fashion show for a shopping center what components would you feel are most important for the event?

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Criteria: You must write 8 well written sentences using APA format for citations within text and also at the end of the text.

San Diego has been given permission to open up their indoor movie theaters and also theier world famous ZOO.  As an event planner how would you market this destination to help bring back tourism.  San Diego does tax their citizens for promotions to bring tourists to the city.  You might want to consider looking at the San Diego Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the tourism market very hard. Airlines have had to cut hubs, costs, furlough employees and some hotels have had to shut down. As a recent graduate how would you respond to a prospective employer about how you would remedy the situation.


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