Cultural food report research paper

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Cultural food report

This assignment has 2 parts:

  1. Cultural food report (research paper)
  2. Food review

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Part 1: The report

For the cultural food report, you are to examine food, food history, food habits and tradition in the chosen country or culture that you have chosen. Review and research cultural significance, nutritional adequacy other unique aspects of the country or culture. Review the history of the chosen topic, research how food is connected to your country or culture of choice, why is food important (or not important) to your topic, etc.

Content of paper SHOULD cover: General overview of country or culture Significance of food Nutritional adequacy History of food habits/traditions Unique or significant notes about nutrition or food specific to this country/culture Discuss relevant food security and any other information that you find pertinent to the country/culture that you have researched.

The info included in your report is not limited to the above content. The topic you choose might be more extensive and may require more information. Elaborate accordingly.

Your paper should be at least 3 to 5 pages of written text – not including references, not including photographs and not including food review! (No less than 3 full pages of text). If you go over 5 pages that is fine — 7-page max. The paper should be written in APA style. You must have at least 4 adequate, reliable sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia. The information in your paper should be cited throughout the paper.

More resources: Food and Culture

Tips for writing a successful report

  • Cite your sources APA format in text and APA format on separate reference page
  • Have someone read your paper BEFORE you turn it in. Grammar and formatting are part of a research paper. This is part of your overall grade.
  • Use evidence-based research. Research articles are HELPFUL and full of information.
  • Spend time on this assignment. This assignment will not come together in half a day.
  • Look over the rubric before you turn assignment in


Part 2: Food review

In addition to the written report, you will also prepare a representative dish from the chosen culture.  You will photograph the dish and have 2 people (family members/friends/coworkers) taste and provide 3-4 sentences describing the food. You will also provide one additional review describing your experience with the dish (making it, preparing it, tasting it, etc). You will need to include the recipe for the dish you prepared as well. Include this as an attachment with your written report due the same day/time.

The report, photographed dish, recipe and “reviews” from 2 tasters will be worth 120 points combined. A rubric for this assignment will be provided in Canvas under week 7 module and in the syllabus.

Important: You MUST turn in BOTH parts of this assignment on ONE WORD document. 

Your assignment should be organized as so:

Page 1: Title page

Page 2-5/6/7: Your report (paper over the country/culture of choice)

Page 8: Your references in APA format

Page 9: Your food review (including a picture, 2 reviews, the recipe and a paragraph about your experience with the dish)


Description: Points Possible:
Appropriate topic chosen and previously submitted for approval 10
Page Requirements met and internal/external citations used appropriately 15
Content of paper adequately covers: General overview of country or culture Significance of food Nutritional Adequacy History of food habits/traditions Unique or significant notes about nutrition or food specific to this country/culture Discuss relevant food security Any other information pertinent to country/culture 75
Food Sample –  Photograph included 2 “reviews” A paragraph describing your experience with the dish Recipe 20


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