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History Of Psychology/Philosophy

Chapter 13: Religion vs. Natural Science on Mental Health; Schizophrenia: A Disorder of Self?

1.What are the tensions between the religious vs. natural science interpretation of mental illness; the Hippocratic system and the system of modern Western medicine; the biological versus psychological interpretation; and/or the psychoanalytic versus behaviorist interpretations?
2.What happens to the self in Schizophrenia? Is the psychopathological core of schizophrenia a disorder of self?

Chapter 16: Ideographic vs. Nomothetic; Systems Approach to Psychology

1.What are merits and weaknesses of qualitative (ideographic) and quantitative (nomothetic) approaches to study the person?
2.Discuss the “Systems approach to Psychology as a Field” (Taylor, 2003). Can psychology ever be a unified science? If so, what kind of science should that ultimately be?

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