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History Annotated bibliography

In this project, you will need to find, review, and summarize four different reputable sources concerning a topic related to the
last 400 years in Western civilization.

You may choose any topic related to the coursework that you like, but be careful that
your selection is neither too large nor too focused in order to ensure that your summaries can effectively discuss the topic.

the topic is too narrow, you may be unable to find four qualified sources. In that case, broaden the topic.

Your four sources are required to come from the CSU Online Library and fit the following criteria: (whatever source you get just state it was taken from the CSU Online Library)

1- One primary source: A document, object, or other material directly related to the topic and time. This should be a
document that provides a first-hand account of your topic without previous knowledge of the event. Examples may
include newspapers, diaries, letters, film, records, or speeches.

2-One current, relevant article: An article published in a reputable periodical within the last five years.

3-One peer-reviewed article: An article from a respected publication put out by universities, historical societies, or another
academic entity that has clearly identified the credentials of the author, reviewer, and publisher.

4-One published book: This can be in electronic or print form and from any time. Be sure to research the publisher, author,
and year as that may influence bias.

Do not submit more than four sources; only the first four sources listed will be considered.

Four selected reputable sources should be formatted in 6th edition APA style.
Annotation paragraphs should be written after each of the four sources (as outlined below).
The entries should be ordered alphabetically.
The entire annotated bibliography should be double-spaced with no additional spaces between entries.
No reference list should be included with the annotated bibliography as the entries themselves will contain the reference
list citation information

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