Global Warming annotated bibliography

Global Warming

Compose an annotated bibliography of at least seven (7) sources on your topic of interest; an annotated bibliography is a list of references that summarizes, describes, analyzes, makes connections, and evaluates a source. It differs from an abstract, in that an abstract merely explains or summarizes the work, while an annotation describes the work AND critically evaluates it.
Write in complete sentences (do not number), with an academic and scholarly voice.
Your sources are interesting and they are all
clearly related to your topic.
You select a variety of research sources that are
all written at the appropriate level for this paper’s
purpose. The connections between your sources and
your topic are clear.
You correctly cite at least 7 sources using the APA style.
Evaluation clearly explains why the sources were chosen;
demonstrates a clear understanding of research process;:
offers insight into source
Conclusion that includes evaluation of text
Provides an accurate summary of the source

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