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Directions: Read through the questions below, then proceed to peer-review one member’s paper. For questions that do not require a yes/no response, answers should be longer than one sentence and provide constructive feedback. You will be graded on your ability to accurately and thoroughly evaluateapeer’s work in order to maintain or enhance the paper’s quality.

To properly complete this assignment – the student should complete, grade (add up the points) and return the review guideline AND your classmates assignment with track change corrections and comments

Peer Reviewer:
1) Does the writer provide an introduction that introduces the topic and captures the reader’s interest and attention? (5 pts.)0Yes0 No
2) What components of the assignment criteria need additional clarity? (10 pts.)
3) Was there anything that was confusing? 0Yes0 No
If yes, what was it? (5 pts.)
4) Are the details and examples supportive of the topics? 0Yes0 No
If no, what needs clarification? (5 pts.)
5) What is good about the writing? Why is it good? (10 pts.)
6) What errors need to be corrected? (10 pts.)
7) What specific suggestions for improvement can you make? (20 pts.)
8) Does the conclusion wrap up the paper (gives advice or a final insight, offers a solution, or presents results)? (5 pts.) 0Yes0 No

9) Are two peer-reviewed resources used? (5 pts.) 0Yes0 No

10) Have APA guidelines been followed? (5 pts.) 0Yes0 No

Additional Comments:


Score Calculation: Total points earned (out of a possible 80) = _______



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