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Health issues for the elderly and International Health

Assignment 1

Health issues for the elderly 

Jose is a 65‐year‐old Hispanic man who has diabetes and speaks limited English. He was referred to a specialized clinic for his treatment; however, neither the medical doctor nor the staff can speak Spanish.

During his visit, the doctor realized he did not follow the diabetes management plan as instructed during his last visit to the clinic. Jose’s diabetes condition is getting worse due to nonadherence to the medication.

Sherry is a 97‐year‐old woman who lives alone at home. She relies on public transportation. However, her home is in a rural area where there is limited access to resources such as food, health care clinics, and social services.

Neng is a 72‐year‐old immigrant from Thailand. He is a Vietnam War veteran who was recently diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He doesn’t trust allopathic medicine; instead, he relies on alternative medicine and spiritual healing for his sickness. He is cared for by his family members.

In about 200 words,

  1. How do you think health care providers should approach individuals like Jose, Sherry, and Neng? (8 points)
  2. What type of intervention programs do you think Jose, Sherry, or Neng can benefit from? (8 points)

200 words (4 points)

Assignment 2

International Health

College level writing 350 words 2 references. 

Please check the resources that are available to you. TURNITIN


  1. Why is obesity such a problem in so many countries worldwide?
  2. What are some of the challenges to scaling up international health and how can they be addressed?

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