Health disparities in mental health

health disparities in mental health

1.Identify the issue of most concern and describe why it is of concern to you. Use specific examples from your personal or professional experience to illustrate how this issue is of primary concern.

Goal: Convince the reader that it is imperative to pay attention to your concern.

The issue that is of most concern to me is the disparity that exists where the mentally ill population isn’t receiving adequate healthcare services. My reason for choosing this topic as most concerning to me is quite personal as my mother has paranoid schizophrenia and I have seen first-hand how this disparity can, not only effect the person suffering from this terrible disease, but the entire family.

-This will need expanded on…

2.Identify your 2 questions about the issue and discuss supporting data of what is known related to your questions.

a. What is the history of healthcare relating to people with a mental illness and how did it get to where it is today?*

b. Is there empirical evidence that shows where we are falling short in providing resources for this population to receive adequate healthcare?*

Goal: Convince the reader that you have a good grasp of what is known about the issue.

3.Describe how healthcare reform, specifically the Affordable Care Act, will address your concern. What does the ANA propose related to your concern and how is this addressed in the reform? Use credible references and resources to develop your essay. Draw on the required and recommended readings as they relate to your selected concern.

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Goal: Convince the reader that you have a good understanding of the literature including ANA’s position related to your selected concern and a good understanding of the current state of healthcare reform.

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