Group Dynamics

This week we will focus on group dynamics. An important part of being an occupational therapy is the ability to communicate effectively with patients, families and team members. In the healthcare setting you require a team approach to be effective, best serve the patient and promote good outcomes.

Every healthcare professional is a member of a different type of group. Improving communications within a group is critical, when problems arise the patient can suffer. Problems can and will arise in groups in the form of conflicts, arguments, disagreements, non-participation, apathy and or the inability to make decision effectively.

These can all be very frustrating for everyone involved. To be effective in the healthcare setting you must be collaborative and communicate. We need to work in groups and it is your professional responsibility to effectively provide good quality of care, continuity and safety. Without doing this you are putting your patients at risk.

Please answer all three questions in one page without abstract or introduction
Group Dynamics Analysis

Please discuss the following:
1- What makes for a functional group?
2- What is the best way to focus a group and make it effective?
3- What is the best way to deal with problem group members?

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