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Grandpa and growth hormone

In this video example, we have seen how HGH and anabolic steroids have been used to offset the physical effects of aging on the muscular system. If we apply the principals of Davis’s Law to this scenario, we realize that in even when hormone replacement or supplementation is used, the physical stimulus of exercise must also be present. For this discussion, please explain the processes of muscular atrophy versus hypertrophy.

How does aging affect muscular size and strength?
What factors are in play that determines these effects?
What is the safest proven method to offset the effects of aging on the muscular system?
In addition to the aging process, there are many diseases and disorders of the muscular system that can affect muscular function and/or development.
Using your text and other resources, please identify several of these processes and share them with your peers. Be sure that your discussion explains how each of these conditions affects the proper function of the muscular system.
Support your ideas with principles/understandings from the text or discussion materials.

By the end of the module, you should have engaged in a substantive discussion on all components of the discussion questions. Recommendations are to ask your fellow classmates relevant questions to elevate the content, bring in a differing viewpoint, or share a professional experience.

consumers’ autonomy

Answer the question below:
Does the food industry have an ethical obligation to respect consumers’ autonomy and offer the unhealthy food people desire, or should the food industry try to protect its consumers by eliminating or restricting the type and amounts of unhealthy food available?

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