Google slide show

Create google slide show and create a link to share

1.Create a PowerPoint slide show that covers the following topics

a.Explain the functional view of an organization and describe each function.

b.Categorize the management levels and the informational needs for each level in an organization.

c.Diagram how information flows within an organization.

d.Categorize computer-based information systems.

e.Distinguish among a transaction processing system, a management information system, a decision support system, and an executive support system.

f.Differentiate between office automation systems and knowledge work systems.

g.Differentiate between data workers and knowledge workers.

h.Illustrate expert systems and knowledge bases.

2.Save your presentation. It should be named LastNameFirstInitialLesson3HW. Example: If your name is John Smith, your folder will be named “SmithJLesson3HW”.

3. create a Google account called (Rodney. Evans)

4.Upload your presentation to Google Drive then open the presentation with Google Slides.

5.Click the share button and create a shareable link. Copy the link and post it in the assignment submission link for Lesson 5 above.

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