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The group project gives you an opportunity to work with a group of your peers and investigate a topic that interests you and is related to Global Studies.  The purpose of this assignment is threefold:

  • As a group project it is designed to be a practicum for learning skills including group decision making, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and critical analysis.
  • Writing is an important skill in any profession and this is an opportunity for you to hone your writing skills.
  • This assignment also provides you an opportunity to develop your research skills.


In scientific writing, researchers interpret and draw conclusions based on the research literature from various scientific sources like articles, books, book chapters.For this assignment you are asked to write a 5-page research paper based on the literature on Global Studies. Specifically, you will synthesize research from the scientific literature, and draw conclusions.


As a group, you will develop and refine your research question, you will search the research literature, you will read and analyze the literature, and you will form conclusions regarding your research question based on the scientific articles.


Group Size

Your group should be 4-5 people. Minimum 4, maximum 5

Your group should include people from different backgrounds (international student, 2nd generation, etc.), so get to know each other, exchange numbers, snapchat,insta or fb accounts.


Research Topic

Your group should start working on your research topic immediately. Begin by leafing through the syllabus as well as the textbook to look for topics that interest you. It should include a global issue, a problem the world faces today.

Ex: Forced migration

Then, you take this issue or topic and develop a research question.

Ex: What are the consequences of forced migration of Syrians?


Your paper

Your paper should be 5 pages not including the peer review and bibliography page.

You should include the following parts:


Introduce the topic, the research question.

Theoretical lens:

From which perspective(s) are you looking at this issue?

Literature review:

What is being said in the literature about this issue.


These are your conclusions from what you have researched. Include your perspectives here.


Recap of what you have learned from this project


Include the works you cited here in the APA format, include web links when necessary.

Peer review:

One paragraph at the end before the bibliography. Peer reviews are an evaluation of what each group member contributed to the group project.  Evaluate your group members (including yourself) in terms of how much effort and cooperation they put into the task, and any other criteria you feel are important

Ex: John Smith contributed two of the articles we included in our paper and organized the meetings.


Use at least 5-8 sources, more is acceptable. No fewer than 5.



Topic Topic is appropriate for Global Studies 3
Research question Research question reflects a specific global problem 5
Introduction Introduction of the problem, brief background 10
Theoretical lens Through what perspective(s) are you looking at this problem? 10
Literature review A summary of relevant literature is given 25
Analysis Your conclusions and perspectives about the literature 25
Conclusion What you have learned from this assignment, recap 10
Bibliography At least 5 sources such as articles, book chapters, documentaries etc. 5
Peer Review Include how each member of your team contributed to the project 5
Format Double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins 2
Total   100%


You will turn in one paper for your group. Please include a title page and include the names of your group members on the title page.


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