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Geology (and other Earth Sciences)

Please choose any example in the news from the past couple months that demonstrates some sort of rift between the
U.S. Government and the scientific community. Discuss this news. in the context of the sometimes contentious
relationship between scientists and government officials. Here’s an idea. which you can explore if you want to: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Here’s another:

(Links to an external site.)

(This assignment meets GELO 2: Demonstrate ways in which science influences and is influenced by complex societies, including political and
moral issues)

Please read the rules and regulations below concerning this assignment.

Your discussion needs to be at least 500 words! Points will be taken off if your discussion is less than 500 words. Also.
your discussion must be written by you. in your own words. If you cut and paste text from another source. and present it
as your own writing, you would be plagiarizing, and that can get you kicked out of the class. and the whole CSU system!
Also. please cite your sources using any legitimate citation method you are comfortable with. Points will be taken off for
lacking or incorrect citations. Please write clearly and with complete sentences and proper grammar. spelling. and

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