From Outrage to Courage: Reproductive and Sexual Health

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Choose at least 2 quotes from the book ( From outrage to courage) that are in your assigned topic area: Chapter 5 Reproductive Health, and discuss them specifically, using the following prompts to ‘unpack’ your quotes. Also be sure to use at least one Moodle reading, with support from your public health and deChesnay texts. Remember that you cannot cover everything, but the totality of discussion will. Discuss the concept assigned from the perspective of global health

Discuss how the same concepts play out locally among women and girls.
Examine the situation from the perspective of the male participant or onlooker
Share information about several organizations that support women
apply key concepts of public health in your analysis of the issues
Make recommendations for policy and population based solutions, through an examination of the American Public Health Organization, World Health Organization, International Council of Nurses, American Nurses Association and other nursing and public health organization position statements.
· Explore the role of the nurse as leader in human rights and other issues.
· Examine public policy solutions.
· Describe primary, secondary and tertiary preventions strategies.


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