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Foundations of urban and regional environments

Foundations of urban and regional environments

On the basis of the previous assignment (the research report), your TA’s comments AND further research, provide a coherently argued, solidly documented and clearly organized response to the research question you have developed in Assignment 3.
The research paper must be based on a minimum of 12 substantial sources. At least 6 of these sources must be academic texts not included amongst the course materials. In addition to these 6 texts, you can choose course materials or other materials (reports by government or non-governmental organizations, websites, newspaper or magazine articles, literary sources (novels, poetry), or visual sources (documentaries, movies).

Your research question could be answered in different ways and is thus subject to debate. When developing your argument, or thesis, do so by identifying a number (at least two) clearly distinct ways of responding to the question. On that basis, take a well-founded position on the subject matter.

Make sure to read materials carefully and use concepts precisely. Do not forget to define, with references, the key terms in your paper (examples: democracy, capitalism, environment, planning….). The meaning of these terms can vary and influence how you approach the research topic.

Paper length: 10 pages (2’500 words).
Additional instructions:
Double space your writing and note the word count on the final copy of your paper.
Use proper academic format for citations and bibliographies
Note that plagiarism (passing off somebody’s else ideas, written or otherwise, as your own) is a serious offense. Check pages 13 and 14 of the full course syllabus for a reference to the FES/York’s Senate Policy on Academic Honesty

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