Formal paper 2

The economic crisis in America, over the last few years, has affected everyone, especially healthcare facilities. Healthcare cost has increased more than the rate of inflation for many years. Medicare is trying to find ways to reduce costs.

One of these ways is called Value-based purchasing (VBP).

This program was authorized by the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act of 2010, and gives the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) (this is the part of Medicare that sets the reimbursement rates for Medicare) the power to base a portion of hospital reimbursement payments on how well hospitals perform on treating patients and on patient satisfaction scores.

Write 3-5 page APA format paper that Define and describe how the HCAHPS survey is used in VPB to determine hospital reimbursement. Explain in detail how hospitals are reimbursed under VPB.

Explain in detail how hospitals can lose revenue under VBP.

Explain in detail how hospitals can recover some of the lost revenue from CMS. Please make sure to cite your work

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