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Formal Analysis Assignment


Formal Analysis Assignment

ART 1301

July 1, 2020

The Pink Robe. After the Bath

Joaquin Sorolla, 1916

Formal Analysis Assignment

For this assignment, I chose to analyze The Pink Robe. After the Bath by Joaquin Sorolla.

Art Elements

Sorolla uses multiple lines, which include both actual and implied throughout this painting. He uses the angle of the forewoman’s hands allows the eye to follow its path. The maiden that is assisting her is looking down towards her shoulder. As we learned through the text, horizontal lines communicate calm, peace and passiveness (DeWitte, 2018). In the painting, it can be seen that Sorolla uses short, thick, and bold horizontal lines. You can feel the calmness through his brushstrokes. He also uses outlines to accentuate the forewoman’s body, giving off the illusion that she is wet.

Sorolla uses implied sunlight, which is a natural light. He has a great amount of light flowing through the scene. There is sunlight that is coming from overhead and from the left side. The shadows seen are true to life as we see shadows where light doesn’t hit. This can be seen on the fabrics and the bodies of the women. Their bodies are cut by the sunlight and the light bounces off of the fabric. These shadows are depicted through color. He uses highlights in the foreground of the painting to emphasize the sunlight. The use of shadows and highlights offer a balance, but also offers emphasis to the flow of the painting.

Sorolla uses a mix of pastel pink, white, and brown tones. He used a bright and warm palette as it is easily highlighted by the natural sunlight. The pastel colors offer a sense of calmness to the art. He uses brown gives a touch of realness and to also help with contrasting the pastel and sunlight. The use of blue for the sea and the brown door gives off of an illusion of the distance they are from the sea. The texture of the surface appears to be thick and possibly smooth.

Sorolla didn’t incorporate a lot of other objects in this painting. There appears to be a bench behind the maiden and a possible step that the young lady is standing on. However, he has both women in close proximity to one another which gives the illusion of the maiden helping the young girl.

Art Principles

The maiden in the white garment is a bit taller than the young girl in the pink robe. They may seem like they are the same size, but the young girl is standing on a step. However, the painting itself appears to be symmetrical and close to life like dimensions.

Sorolla uses great balance within this painting. He uses a mix of actual lines, implied lines, contemporary colors, highlights, shadows, thick and short lines. It appears that this is symmetrical. There is great rhythm within the painting. His brush strokes offer a subtle and calmness.

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