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Foreign trade and finances

A note/short briefing paper on your country and a (potentially) critical episode that it is facing.  This should be 3-4 pages (12 pt. font), 750-1000 words, in length.

You are writing this as if YOU ARE a government official in the country you have chosen working in department or office responsible for foreign trade and finances. Your boss expects you to be on the lookout for potential problems, sensitive matters in the international community, and the like.

Especially choose an episode, or events, that are creating (or may be expected to create) friction with a trading partner or another country.

At this time there is less need for analysis and more need to identify a problem situation.

Why is it a problem?

Give a brief history of the problem—has it been an issue before or is this a new situation?

What are potential benefits and costs of ignoring the problem?

What should the government be especially aware of? Are their dangers lurking—if so, what are they?

Does this issue have a special cost or benefit to our producers? Our consumers? Both? Neither?  Please explain.


3-4 pages, 750 – 1000 words max. 10% (= 10 pts.)

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