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Financial Statements Assignment

Purpose of Assignment

 Two-Rivers Inc. (TRI) manufactures a variety of consumer products. The company’s founders have run the company for thirty years and are now interested in retiring. Consequently, they are seeking a purchaser, and a group of investors is looking into the acquisition of TRI. To evaluate its financial stability, TRI was requested to provide its latest financial statements and selected financial ratios. Summary information provided by TRI is presented below.


Year 1    Year 0

Current Ratio                    1.61       1.60

Quick Ratio                       0.64       0.65

Times Interest Earned      8.55       8.60

Debt to Equity                   0.86       0.75

Inventory Turnover            3.21      3.17


a. Calculate the select financial ratios for the fiscal year Year 2. (use excel )

  1. Interpret what each of these financial ratios means in terms of TRI’s financial stability and operating efficiency.


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Last Updated on June 23, 2019

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