Final Assignment – Your Career Portfolio

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Over the last few weeks, you have learned how to:

  • examine skill sets and develop resources necessary for entering a career path.
  • compare, evaluate, and assess career and economic markets, utilizing different technologies to formulate best options for a career path.

Using what you have learned from the course resources, your peers, and your professor, you will submit the final drafts of several assignments this week. Be sure to incorporate any feedback from your professor into your final submission. You will submit AS ONE WORD DOCUMENT or PDF:

  • Final: Cover Letter (updated with feedback received earlier this session)
  • Final: General Resume (updated with feedback received earlier this session)
  • Final: Reference list (to be completed this week)
  • Final: Thank you note (to be completed this week)

All documents should be free of grammatical/formatting errors. Remember that you should be using Arial, Times, or Courier as your font (12pt). All documents should be uploaded AS ONE DOCUMENT to this assignment (in .doc or .docx format).


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