Individual report on management subjects: IGA,BPI,BPR and ect

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Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology School of Systems, Management, & Leadership

32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems

Assignment 1: IS Evaluation (Individual Report) 

Part (1): Short answer questions (25 marks in total)

1. Suppose UTS plans to make changes to its Timetabling System for students. Suppose, they choose to undertake a Business Process Improvement approach. What are the five phases UTS needs to follow to for a BPI on the Timetabling system? Explain what each phase means to UTS. (5 marks)

2. Consider a local Italian Pizza restaurant that has been in operation in a Sydney suburb for over twenty years. Apply Porter’s Five Force model, and explain whether the Internet has increased or decreased the competition for this restaurant. Justify your answer by explaining the impact of the Internet on each of the five forces for this restaurant (10 marks)

3. Is design thinking a top to bottom, or bottom to up problem solving approach? (1 mark) Would your selected approach encourage teams with multi-disciplinary expertise (1 mark), why? (2 marks) (4 marks in total)

4. Discuss differences and similarities of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-aService (4 marks). Explain why some companies may move away from Software-as-aService? (2 mark) (6 marks in total)

Part (2): Case Study Questions (15 marks in total) Case 1: Download “BPR, BPI, and BPM at Chevron” from UTS Online and answer the following TWO questions

1. Discuss why did Chevron adopt BPI? (4 marks)

2. Explain how does Chevron apply BPM in its operations today? (4 marks)

Case 2: Download “Pinterest” from UTS Online and answer the following Two questions

1. Describe two other ways in which Pinterest could generate revenue without alienating its users. (4 marks)

2. Are Facebook and Pinterest competitors? Why or why not? Support your answer. (3 marks)

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