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Evidence-Based Practice Capstone Change Project

Evidence-Based Practice Capstone Change Project *




The Capstone Clinical Project is the culminating academic endeavor of nursing students who earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The clinical project provides students with the opportunity to explore a problem or issue that is related to one of the following nursing competencies: patient-centered care, teamwork/collaboration, evidence based practice, quality improvement, safety or informatics.

The capstone project is worth 40% of your final grade in Clinical Residency.



The project must demonstrate the student’s ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in this academic program to real-world nursing issues and problems. This final project will affirm your ability to think critically and creatively, to solve practical problems related to nursing practice or the facilitation of patient-centered care, to make reasoned and ethical decisions, to propose change and to demonstrate both oral and written communication effectively with peers, nursing staff and members of the health care team.





At the completion of this capstone project, the student will:


  • Collaborate with clinical partners to identify a practice problem or issue relevant to the nursing profession. (AACN VI:2)


  • Integrate Lewin’ s Change Theory in human systems when identifying the practice problem or issue


  • Propose an innovative solution or change to a system-related patient care problem identified on the unit where the student is practicing (AACN II:6)


  • Analyze the outcomes of nursing interventions using research-based evidence and data (AACN III:4)


  • Formulate evidence-based conclusions and recommendations related to the problem identified (AACN III:6)


  • Disseminate recommendations to nursing staff, peers and interdisciplinary health care team (AACN III:7)







  1. Identify a practice/problem/policy on your assigned unit. Be specific as to how this affects the unit you are working on.  Discuss with your professor and prepare a draft on your proposed change by week of


  1. Find evidence to support this practice/policy change. You may use research articles, meta-analysis, and integrative reviews from peer reviewed journals. Summarize the evidence from at least fiveprofessional sources.


  1. Evaluate the evidence. Is the evidence strong enough to change practice/policy or support a current practice/policy?

Does the evidence support the practice/policy?

  1. Make recommendations based on the evidence. How could you apply your recommendations on your unit?


  1. APA format, organization, spelling.

Gold standard anticoagulation therapy to prevent PE/DVT for post op total knee/hip replacement : is it Eloquis? Lovenox? Aspirin? What the most recent sources/researches/evidence say?

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