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In addition to the information presented this week regarding the reasons for the creation of artifacts in each era (the ancient world, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance), recall information about motives for creating artifacts presented earlier in the course as you answer these questions:

  1. Identify an artifact that represents the characteristics of each era. You should identify a total of three artifacts. Insert an image or include a link to your artifact.
  2. What do you believe was the purpose for the creation of each of the artifacts you selected? Justify your response using what you now know about the culture and values of each era.
  3. Why do you believe the creators felt the need to express themselves using these artifacts?


Watch Video Video: History of Ideas: The Renaissance (17:44)
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View this video on the Medici family of Florence and the ideas that inspired the Renaissance, and think about what they mean for us today.

Caption Video: “History of Ideas- The Renaissance” (17:44)


Article: The Gothic Cathedral: Height, Light, and Color

Read this resource for a background on the various components that contribute to the richness of the medieval cathedral.


Watch Video Video: Making Manuscripts (6:13)

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View this short video explaining how a medieval book was created from beginning to completion.


Video: An Introduction to Canterbury Cathedral (3:49)

Explore the Canterbury Cathedral by viewing this video. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a visitor from the period by imagining what you would experience through your senses as you visited the cathedral. Keep in mind that lighting was provided by candles and stained-glass windows, that there might be incense, and that you might hear chanting. Do you think the impact of being in the cathedral would be the same for you today? Why or why not?

Caption Video: “Visit Cantebury” (2:55)

Caption Video: “An Introduction to Cantebury Cathedral” (3:49)


Article: Shabti Dolls: The Workforce in the Afterlife

Read about these small sculpted figurines and consider their purpose and the factors that led to their creation.


Article: Victory Stele of Naram-Sin

Read about the Victory Stele of Naram-Sin and consider potential purposes for its creation.


Article: Portrait of the Boy Eutyches

As you read about this painting, think about how the cultural values impacted its creation.


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