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Ethics Argumentative Essay


Hypothetically, if a future president—using a rationale similar to that used by the Obama administration—were to initiate targeted or signature drone attacks as part of a counter-terrorism program, would that decision be justified? Why or why not?

Instructions: This is a question about a hypothetical situation, and you may use Obama’s speech as an example of a justification that could be offered by a future president. You may consider whether such attacks would be ethically justified (according to just war theory), and whether they would be an efficient and economical means to an end (according to John Dewey’s pragmatism argument). You may agree and/or disagree with Obama’s and van der Linden’s arguments, with reasons. You must use materials from all four of the readings in this reading set, by quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing them to assist you in explaining and supporting your argument. In addition, define and employ key terms that seem to be central to the arguments of your sources and, therefore, to your argument as well. Among these key terms are: Ethics; just cause; last resort; proper authority; right intention; chance of success/reasonable success; proportional; power/energy; coercive force; violence.

You must attribute to its source any material that you summarize, quote, or paraphrase. Base your essay on the information contained in the set of readings, not on your own life events, on readings from outside the reading set, or on courses you have taken. Your ideas should be the most important feature of your essay, but they should be ideas that develop from your work with the readings in this reading set.

Please write the main comment of self disagreement or agreement for this argument essay that based on all readings sets. Based on all readings, for 1st paragraph, sum up the main goal comment (main conclusion) for analysis and prove. Then, Those each following paragraphs, set up the branches goal comment (branch conclusion) for analysis and prove; should pick the Quote from those readings and Obama’s Speech, make an example for proving the Quote, sum up the branch goal comment (branch conclusion) again. For the last paragraph, sum up the main conclusions (the main goal comments) after have analysis and proved that followings paragraph mentioned above. (Note: cite the APA style for the References that for All readings, Obama’s speech, and etc.) Please write 6 pages + 1 pages Reference

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