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Essay on Oshinsky’s Polio

Please write an approximately four-paragraph essay that answers the following questions. DO NOT WRITE INTRODUCTION OR CONCLUSION. You’ll find the answers in chapters 10-16 as you read along.

Paragraph One: It seems as if the whole nation eagerly awaited Salk’s press conference in Ann Arbor. But Oshinsky writes, “Not everyone applauded Salk’s presentation that day,” observing that the crowd that day included people who were “angry,” “jealous,” and “confused.” Who were these groups and why?

Paragraph Two: By late spring 1955, Salk felt as if everything he had worked for—the vaccine, the elimination of polio, the rescue of children—was in jeopardy. He even recalled, “This was the first and only time in my life that I felt suicidal. There was no hope, hope at all.” What had gone so wrong to cause Salk such despair?

Paragraph Three: Oshinsky writes, “Sabin faced a more formidable task than did Salk” in working with a live-virus vaccine, but he outlines some of the virtues of this approach. Please describe two advantages of the live-virus vaccine.

Paragraph Four: “Where Sabin had been a favorite of the academy, Salk was a favorite of the people,” Oshinsky writes. Please explain this characterization, giving examples.

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