Essay on Enforcement of Public and Community Safety Laws

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Essay on Enforcement of Public and Community Safety Laws



Community refers to a group of individuals living in a specific geographical area. Community safety is a state whereby people within a certain environment feels safe either at home or in streets or maybe at work. It is concerned in reducing causes of crimes, violence and injuries. Injuries via accident are the most cause of death in most states and they affect health and quality of life in either short-term or long-term periods. Public and community safety law enforcement is policed to prevent a crime before it occurs instead of responding to it when it already occurred. Its aim is to create a social environment that is safe to all people. It engages residents in the area to determine which crimes are mostly affecting them in order to create an accurate law enforcement that is shaped by the people living in that area.

This law makes police to feel that the public have trust in them. The same is true for Denver. Because the human and material resources for ensuring social security are limited, this also requires reasonable arrangements according to different regions. After combining the crime rate and the number of security incidents in each area to make different plans. Under the premise of guaranteeing law enforcement measures and social security, the personnel involved must cooperate with each other. The purpose between police officers and the public is to reduce the security risks of a community, so the participation of different people will determine the direction of the plan.

Literature Review

Community policing is a corporation between the community and the police in order to have a safe and conducive stay in their area which is free from crimes and violence hence creating more vital neighborhoods. This helps to identify and solve problems. This review of the research has been divided into the following prevention programs utilized by law enforcement agencies which includes; problem solving, community policing and sexual assault task forces.

Community policing

The community-oriented policing is a body that takes community as an equal partner with enforcement laws in solving community disputes and crime issues. The officers have skills in problem solving, public relations and community partnership which they have achieved through trainings. After getting along with and communicating with police personnel, police personnel will become more familiar with the environment around the community, and social personnel will also have confidence in police personnel. This will help to produce efficient work through the cooperation of both parties after the occurrence of crime or security risks.

This community policy has led to legitimacy and trust improvement between police and community members through regular meetings with community members as they address their issues and concerns on certain grievances. After the police officer and the public are threatened immediately, the public can avoid unpredictable harm by transferring information.

Problem solving

This refers to solving a problem effectively and fairly. Police officers collect data from the concerned parties and shares their findings with other police local agencies hence making the analysis of the crime too accurate to judgment (Cole 2020). After a security problem occurs, police officers need to follow the law to make reasonable judgments. Police officers should not be involved in personal emotions and need to think rationally, so that the handling of cases becomes fair and reasonable.

Sexual assault task forces

This policy is responsible for providing enough care to victims who have gone through sexual violence, minimizing trauma during the period when the crime began and accelerating the ability of the law enforcement body to collect accurate and enough evidence. As we all know, sexual assault is one of the more frequent crimes. People who have been sexually assaulted will also be hurt at a psychological level. They often need some psychological comfort and some special care. This prevents crimes of this nature from occurring, and the quality of the sexual assault team must be guaranteed.

Essay on Enforcement of Public and Community Safety Laws: Research plans

Most of the communities have been undergoing through lots of challenges which include community disputes, theft, accidents and sexual assaults due to less caring law enforcement body caused by employment of untrained officers or corruption. This research will therefore involve assessment of public and community safety law enforcement where it will research on how these officers are employed and some of the trainings, they undergo in order to acquire the required skills in dealing with matters affecting the community. When recruiting new law enforcement personnel, the following standards must be met: the ability and skills of law enforcement personnel need to be professionally evaluated and practiced, and the law enforcement personnel should be tested by simulating events. Judgment made by law enforcement personnel when dealing with different incidents. Because of the complexity of society, people cannot predict what will happen, so this is also the reason for raising the standard.

The research plan will involve the following methods that will be used to obtain the information:

  1. Research study area

A certain community will be selected randomly to carry out the research project. The climate of the area will be recorded too together with latitude, longitude and altitude. Statistics on crime incidents and social security issues in the area, and integrate the operations of previous law enforcement personnel. Sum up the previous mistakes and analyze the criminal characteristics of the area. Investigate the working attitude of law enforcement officers and the degree of cooperation with the public.

  1. Research tools

These are methods of data collection. The research tools to be used in the study will be questionnaires and interviews. The opinions of the public through questionnaire surveys and interviews include: the types of crimes that are most worried about, ideal social conditions, and social relationships. After referring to the opinions of the public, law enforcers can know how satisfied the people are with society. The social survey will be very helpful to improve social security because it is based on evidence.


Social security and law enforcement guarantees are the basic conditions for a stable and happy life for the people. In order to improve the quality of social security and law enforcement, it is necessary to achieve a highly coordinated relationship between the public and police officers. A good relationship between the public and the police will have a positive effect on the development and outcome of the case. When targeting special cases, the victims should be given special care and assistance based on the nature of the crime. The attitudes and professional skills of law enforcement personnel at work are the prerequisites for deciding to solve crimes, and those engaged in this industry must be strictly controlled. After deciding the area to investigate, make statistics according to the geographical environment and social environment of the area and summarize the handling of different cases. Investigating the wishes and ideas of the people is also an important part, and their reflection reflects the social atmosphere of the region. Through this project, the operation will produce effective help in Denver or any other area.


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Essay on Enforcement of Public and Community Safety Laws

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