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Introduction to Energy Utilization Essay

Essay on Energy Utilization Annotated Outline

China energy situation


China is the world’s biggest user of energy and consequently, it leads to the emission of greenhouse gases. The change in the economy of China has played a significant role in this energy situation. The increase in industrial activities in China has led to a rise in the use of energy (Elyakova et al, 2017).

State of the country

Due to the high consumption of energy, China is now importing oil, natural gases as well as coal. There are energy policies that guide how the country goes about managing the situation of increased consumption of energy. Other sources apart from natural gases and oil are being considered to increase energy production (Li and Obara, 2019).

Energy demand

Due to economic growth, the energy demand in China continues to rise every day; this demand is expected to continue rising. There is an increased demand in energy and the demand for natural gases is greater than that of other energy sources (Li and Obara, 2019).

Energy supply

China’s resources cannot be able to satisfy the energy demand in the country. The country has therefore resulted in importing energy sources like oil, and natural gases. The coal reserves can, however, serve the country for a few more years (Li and Obara, 2019).

Energy infrastructure

The Chinese government has unified a grid system nationally to improve the efficiency of energy production in the country as well as to counter the risk of energy shortage in the country. It enables the country to produce enough energy from the west of China, which is the richest in energy sources, to be used in other parts of China (Kendall, 2018).


There is a perception that the energy demand in China is growing at a very high rate, a rate which the country cannot manage. In the next two decades, it is perceived that the demand will have increased at an alarming rate (Kendall, 2018).

Potential deficits

China has a notably low source of renewable energy. The global prices for natural gases and oil have risen. This is bad news for china with its increased demand for energy (Elyakova et al, 2017).

Environmental concerns

The increase in industrial activities in China that has led to an increase in energy consumption has consequently led to the increased emission of greenhouse gases. This is not only an environmental concern to china but the world as a whole (Kendall, 2018).

Social concerns

There are concerns about the energy security of the people of China. With the increased demand in energy and the low supply, there are concerns about whether the citizens can have long-term access to energy (Li and Obara, 2019).

Comparative analysis

In 2010, china overtook Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy after the USA. Later it overtook America to become the world’s leading economy. Today China is the leading consumer of energy, consuming around 16.4% of all the energy produced in the world (Elyakova et al, 2017).

Essay on Energy Utilization Solutions

China has greatly improved its renewable energy sector. It has risen to become the world-leading generator of renewable energy. It has also regulated the use of other energy sources in a bid to help conserve the environment (Kendall, 2018).

Proof of concept

The situation of energy in china has been analyzed by many scholars. The evidence of the energy situation in china is available in many research articles as well the china and the world energy regulation websites (Elyakova et al, 2017).


China is the leading economy in the world. The increased industrial activities have led to the rise in demand for energy in the country. Since China cannot meet this demand on its own, it has resulted in importing natural gases and oil. China has increased its production of renewable energy in a bid to counter the shortage of energy in the country (Li and Obara, 2019).


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