Essay on Coronavirus COVID-19

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Essay

According to Worldometer, the corona virus cases have reached 2,750,877 cases worldwide with 192,207 deaths. Out of the total number of people infected, only 757,963 have recovered. The corona virus began from China’s Wuhan city late last year. Since then, it has spread to more than 177 countries worldwide with the World Health Organization Declaring it a pandemic on 30th January this year. The first case was confirmed in America by January 20th this year. Since then, 886,709 people have been confirmed to be infected with the virus with at least 50,243 deaths while the number of recovered people stands at 85,922. (Worldometer, 2020). It is clear that America is the worst hit country in terms of number of infections to its citizens. Stay at home orders among other precautions have been significantly helpful in preventing the spread of corona virus, otherwise, these numbers could have been higher. From statistics, it is clear that the move by Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp to end stay at home orders comes to early and could be detrimental given that a vaccine has not yet been found for corona virus.

Given that neither a cure nor a vaccine have been found for corona virus, I would say that it is too early to relax the stay at home orders. The virus is still spreading and poses a serious danger to the people in the society who have a weak immune system. Relaxing the stay at home orders and allowing people to go to work can potentially result in a second wave of infections. Those going out will likely get infected and infect the vulnerable people around them such as family members. The Atlanta mayor notes that the highest cases of asthma have been reported in Atlanta. This puts the residents at risk as corona virus is a respiratory disease and affects those with respiratory conditions in an extreme way. This comes amidst a warning given by the World Health Organization that the worst is yet to come. According to research only 2% to 3% of the population has antibodies in their blood. Due to these facts, the world health organization has cautioned countries which are loosening their lock down laws. According to the director general of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, lessening the restriction on covid-19 prevention will not end the epidemic in any country.

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From another perspective, corona virus has resulted in economic loss for most countries. Countries such as China therefore, opted to remove their lock down restrictions and resume their operations as normal. In March, China reopened their economy and are continuing to help businesses to go back to the normal operations. (Hui, 2020). Schools in China are reopening as well as in Denmark. In Australia, schools remained open and small shops were opened up. It is also planning to allow outdoor sporting events from the first of May. In Spain, non-essential workers have been allowed to go back to work. In Italy, some regions have reopened bookshops and clothing stores according to BBC News.

However, these countries have experienced far less cases than those in the United States. China put enough measures in place during the first days of the outbreak by restricting movement of people into and out of Wuhan city. This was effective in preventing the spread of the virus to other regions of the country and thus China has recorded only 82,804 cases with 4,632 deaths. The rate of new infections is also slower in China. Americans are therefore, too vulnerable to adopt similar measures. According to Kirchgaessner, (2020), lessening of the stay at home rules are being influenced by lobbyists such as Liz Uihlen through right wing protests. Health experts have also warned that premature reopening of the economy risks losing control over the spread of the virus. President Donald Trump has also criticized the move by the governor of Georgia to reopen too early. (Kirchgaessner, 2020).

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In conclusion, lessening of the stay at home orders by the governor of Georgia comes to early. America is still affected strongly by the corona virus cases with WHO warning that the worst is yet to come. Indeed, if we don’t follow the precautions that have reduced the spread of the virus until now, we are bound to be hit harder by the virus. Reopening of the economy is a risky move especially to those who are more vulnerable to the effects of corona virus. Not only will this hamper the efforts being taken to control the virus, but also it is likely to cause more death and further damage to the economy if these matters are not taken seriously.


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Essay on Coronavirus COVID-19

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