Essay: Generational Analysis Dynamics

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The readings suggest that organizational culture is impacted by generational groups that differ in their communication styles, beliefs, and values as

well as a preference between working alone or as a member of a team. Compare and contrast two generational groups in terms of your organizational

culture and interpersonal and group dynamics. Be sure to define the generational groups and reference your definition from a scholarly source.

Chapter 8 of Bolman and Deal (2013) also provides you with two models that make assumptions about organizations and individual behavior. The models also

can be used as a context for your comparison.

Suggested length is 5 pages, not including the cover sheet, title page, or list of references. APA (6 edition APA style) format and style is required.

You are encouraged to cite the readings in this course, supplemental materials, or any additional, related scholarly works (i.e., journal articles or

books). See the Essay Rubric at the conclusion of this syllabus.

Do not use symbols such as # or & in the assignment file name

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