Essay Ethics, CSR And A Hotel Group

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CSR And A Hotel Group Ethics Essay

Choose a hotel chain and present its program of CSR.

  • Analyze it in terms of one of the ethics theories we’ve studied

.•Your personal analysis of the CSR program

.•1000-1500 words

  • Select a hotel group, bigger hotel or Cruise Ship.
  • They obviously need to have a CSR program.

Suggestions and help:

-Select a hotel where you have worked



  • Brief overview of the hotel chain, e.g. what makes them special, size, geographical presence etc…
  • Summarise their CSR program.
  • What result is the CSR program having, good and bad?



  • Explain the theory you have chosen •Critically analyse the CSR program (or part of it) by applying the theory.–Analyse using the approaches as discussed in class–
  • According to the theory, how good/bad is the CSR program?


Your analysis and conclusions: answer at least 3 of the following questions:

  • What do you think about the CSR activities of your chosen hotel?•Are they doing things that end up being bad?
  • Are they not doing things that would be good to do?
  • Is the CSR program only for show?
  • Is there a conflict between maximizing profit and operating in a sustainable way? •Are any of their actions (or their core practices) contrary to their stated CSR practices – that is, are they being hypocritical in any ways?
  • What would you do to improve the CSR practices of your chosen hotel?


  • Summary of Hotel Group and CSR Program

–relevant points, accurate, level of details

  • Analysis from Theory 1

–knowledge of the theory, used theory to analyze hotel’s CSR, Depth of analysis/appropriate detail

  • Personal analysis of the hotel’s CSR

–How well do they do, and why?, What else could/should they do, and why?, What might be changed that would have made it more ethical?  (see questions on previous slide)

  • Presentation and language skills

–Format/length, Organization of ideas, grammar, references


  • Use as guidance the 2 page summary of the theories and how to analyse cases. •Get inspired by example papers, uploaded to e-learning  •Read and follow the instructions, including this presentation! •Read the respective theory chapter in the main course book, uploaded to e-learning!–Make sure you use the main parts of the theory, e.g. the categorical imperatives from Kant, Rawls Veil of ignorance etc.
  • Make sure you are clear on whether something is your own opinion or from a source.
  • Quotes should be referenced throughout the text.

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