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Essay about Celery’s poem

Objective: Demonstrate the connections between secondary sources and a personal reading of a primary source.

In other words: Show how your reading of a poem is supported by or in conversation with the articles that we have read.

Poetry is a form of art that is almost as old as literacy itself, but sadly, it has in many ways fallen to the wayside of American life. Creley uses poetry to capture his own unique sense of the world, a sense of the world that in many ways is a reflection of the millennial generation itself. We will use Creley’s poetry as a way to engage with some larger conversations about what really makes the millennial generation work.

In a 5 page MLA format essay, analyze how one of Creley’s poems captures distinctly millennial perspectives or traits as identified by one of the articles from class.Essentially, you are going to show how one of Creley’s poems captures something uniquely millennial as identified by the articles that we have read in class. Is it how he approaches concepts of faith? Is it how his work blends a certain level of education into it? Is it how he deals with suicide? Is it how he details pension theft? Is it he how he includes a much more culturally diverse perspective? You will want to answer at least one of these questions and show how one of Creley’s poems directly speaks to an issue raised by these secondary readings. Remember: This is not just an analysis of his poem, summarizing it or even summarizing what it means to you. You are actively analyzing his poem to show it connects to one of the articles and the distinct qualities that a millennial possesses.

You are free to choose any poem from the collection, but I highly recommend that you choose one we will discuss in class. Start now, and if you would like me to view a draft, please feel free.

Remember: Just 1 poem and as many articles that you wish.


Last Updated on March 5, 2019

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