For this week’s activity, watch the Four Corners episode Hacked!

The three main points of the episode are:

1. Cyber espionage with Codan
2. The hacking of ASIO’s plans by China
3. The rise of Stuxnet and Cyberwarfare

The first 10 minutes on Cyber espionage withCodan is of most interests to this activity (though all of it is relevant to this space).

Recently, the US and Chine have come to an agreement to stop cyber espionage activities.


1. Why do you think that the majority of cyber espionage cases come from China?
2. Should the ‘cone of silence’ around cyber breaches for Government organisations be maintained or should compromised government agencies be legally required to disclose this to the public?
3. Do you think the recent agreement between the US and China will reduce cyber espionage?

Last Updated on March 17, 2018

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