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Erb’s Palsy at birth

Erb’s Palsy at birth

You will use this information to complete the following written assignment.  This should contain in text citations and a separate page of references.  Plagiarism will not be accepted.

 Each student will individually create a patient education handout/brochure that includes the following items written in patient/client friendly language:

1  -Define and describe the diagnosis in terms that a patient would understand, but including relevant anatomical terms, landmarks, and pictures or diagrams as needed.  Include in this any relevant common mechanisms of injury/acquisition of the diagnosis, method of diagnosis (x-ray, MRI, other testing), and usual symptoms at onset and/or continuing.  If there are typical age ranges, include those as well.

2– List usual precautions/contraindications, and explain as necessary.  What would you avoid, or educate your client and/or their caregiver to avoid?

3- -List and describe 5 assessment techniques or tests your patient or client could expect you to perform that are appropriate to the assigned diagnosis.

4- -Describe usual treatment methods that could be undertaken in bullet form and include a description of what that treatment would entail if this is not obvious to the average patient.  This should focus on treatments performed by rehab clinicians, but could also include expected medical treatment methods.

5- -Provide an expectation of healing time and/or expected outcomes in general terms.  Cite your reference material and include statistical information.  Make sure this is patient/client centered.

6– List any red flags that should be reported to a physician or surgeon by either the treating therapist or by the client or caregiver.  Be creative!! This should look like something you would want to give to a patient, and should be no more than one page, but can be double sided.  It can be a brochure, handout, or pamphlet.


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