Equity security analysis

Equity Analysis Report: Each student will select 3 equity securities to analyze and

include in this report. For each security the report shall have six sections utilizing the

three major approaches to equity analysis covered in the Pinto and other texts (Statistical

models, Dividend models, Free Cash Flow models, Residual Income models, Market

Comparable valuation and Technical Analysis). Comments must be made of an

evaluation of the quality of these firm’s financial reports, and any adjustments made that

would improve that quality; as well as industry influences (competitiveness, growth

prospects, etc.). Through demonstration of these valuation methods, along with a

comprehensive assessment of the various results (their strengths and weaknesses in the

context of the companies selected), will be expected to comprise a minimum of 4000

words (16 pages including references to data used and assumptions made in applying

each model).

3. Bloomberg Professional data should be used to support the analytical work of

Assignments 2.

Your report must make reference to both academic and empirical literature in

order to score good marks.

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