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Equity and Diversity in Science Education

Before writing this reflective journal entry, you are to read Chapter 11 from A Framework for K-12 Science Education that will provide you with background information related to equity and diversity in K-12 science and engineering education. Please note that this reading is quite a bit longer than most of our readings in this class (15 pages), so plan ahead.

  • Excerpt (p. 277-296) from: NGSS Lead States. (2012). A framework for K-12 science education: Practices, cross-cutting concepts, and core ideas. Arlington, VA: National  Research Council.

This chapter discusses a variety of sources of inequity in science education, but also addresses approaches to inclusive instruction that benefits a diverse population of learners. For this reflective journal you are to address all of the following:

  • Consider the variety of inequity sources described in the reading and reflect back on your own K-12 science experiences. Identify a time that you experienced barriers to your learning of science because of one or more of these inequities (e.g., gender, language, race, socioeconomic status, lack of school resources).
  • Describe how this made you feel and how this impacted your ability learn science.
  • Select one of the inclusive instructional strategies presented in the reading and summarize what that strategy is.
  • Describe why you believe this is an important strategy to include in your future elementary science teaching.
  • Describe how you will implement this strategy in your future elementary science teaching. Be as specific as you can, by including an example. One way to accomplish this is by considering how this strategy will be used in your Field Assignment 2A lesson.

Your submission should address the questions above using full sentences in narrative/paragraph form. Write your response in 1-2 single-spaced pages (500-1000 words).

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