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You are a reporter for The Outlook, Monmouth University’s newspaper. It is your job to cover the health beat. Choose a newly published (< 1 year old) peer-reviewed epidemiological study or a MMWR research report (not press release) from the CDC and translate the study’s findings into a 500-1200 word popular press article so that your target audience (Monmouth Students) can understand new findings in the field of epidemiology.

Your submission should include:

  • A copy of the epidemiological peer reviewed article or MMWR report (not press release) you translated.
  • Your 500-1200 word newspaper article translating the findings for popular consumption by the Monmouth University community.

Source Article is: (25 points)

  • Submitted with the assignment in its totality (no partial prints)
  • Peer reviewed literature or an MMWR report from the CDC
  • An epidemiological article
  • Published in the last year


Written translation: 125 points

  • Accurately reflects the content of the source article
  • Is a NEWSPAPER article written for the Monmouth University audience
    • Clearly explains the health issue and provides enough context for the background health problem for those unfamiliar with the topic
    • Describes statistics and findings in an easy to understand way for non-health scientists
      • Passes the “grandma test”
    • Links the content to the audience’s life or world in some way—AKA answers the question, “Why should we care about this?”
  • References the source article so that others who want to read the source study/report can find it (not as an APA citation, but in the body of the text)
  • Has a catchy title so that the audience will want to read it
  • Is formatted properly:
    • Is free of spelling and grammatical errors
    • Flows nicely and is easy to read
    • Length is between 500-1200 words
  • IS NOT PLAGERISM!! – This is worth all of the points. If your article is plagiarized, you will receive a zero and you will be reported to the academic standards review board.

Final copies of the article (including the source article you translated) are due to the DROPBOX and in paper copy to the professor Thursday, December 6th at the beginning of class. If you did a draft, the paper copy of the graded draft and all associated feedback must be turned in with the final submission.

If you would like the professor to review a draft of your article and receive feedback, you must submit a COMPLETE draft of your article and the source article in hard copy to the professor by the beginning of class on November 19th. I highly encourage you to take advantage of this option, as these are the students who ended up being successful on this assignment.

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