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Environmental influences

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B.F. Skinner developed the philosophy known as radical behaviorism that rejects language and interpretations that refer to mentalistic events. Emphasis is placed on external, observable events rather than internal thoughts. To a great extent, we are seen as products of our environmental reinforcers.

This Discussion is meant to reflect your personal ideas, not textbook language or theories. These questions are meant to stimulate your thinking about topics covered in this course. Since the Discussion Board is viewable by others, please do not share thoughts that you would not want others to know.

Be sure to post to the Discussion on several different days. Do not wait until the last day or two to post to the Discussion.

Post one Thread in which you answer the following questions. You are expected to write full paragraphs and give specific examples as part of your answers. A short 2-3 sentence answer is not sufficient to earn full credit.

Then look at other Threads. Pick 6-8 Threads to Reply to in a meaningful way. Write 3-4 sentences or more in each Reply explaining your thoughts.

(1) In what ways do you feel that you are influenced by environmental forces? Give at least 2 examples.
(2) In what ways have you tried to modify someone else’s behavior using reinforcers? Give at least 2 examples.

Please focus on the issue, not on the individual who is expressing their opinions. Any hostile or negative comments directed toward another student will significantly lower your score on the discussion.

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