Environmental Health Assignment( country policy analysis of environmental health )

Environmental Health Assignment #2: Essay – country policy analysis of environmental health policy/practice Total essay should be 4-5 pages double-spaced. Identify an environmental health policy (e.g., fracking, oil drilling air pollution limits, recycling, carbon emissions, etc.) in a specific country (e.g., Argentina, Belgium, Central African Republic, Denmark Ecuador Japan, etc. – but not the U.S.).

Provide information on when the policy was initiated, any epidemiological or environmental data that might show the before/after effects Identify the key industry and policy players who are for/against this policy and the response of civil society. What are the debates?

What arguments hold sway? Reflect in a final paragraph or two what you learned about this policy/issue by studying it within the context of this particular country. What effective and ineffective lessons did you learn from this analysis that may be transferable to low- and middle-income countries or regions?

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