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English Project 2 Evaluation 32

Eleventh Grade English 2

There are two parts to this project: one literary analysis essay and one creative component. Project
2 is worth a total of 100 possible points. It is 12% of your course grade. Type each part in the
space provided in this document (scroll down).
Part A: Literary Analysis
The reader’s interpretation is an important part of many short stories. Many authors do not state their
themes directly. Rather, readers must identify the statements that the authors make about life. In
such instances, readers’ interpretations will vary. Expressing one’s views on a work of literature is
often helpful in developing a personal philosophy.
Organize and write a 600 word (two-page) essay in which you analyze the theme for one of the
following stories:
a. Flannery O’Connor’s “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”
b. Bernard Malamud’s “The First Seven Years”
• What statement does the story make about life? As you prepare your essay, think about the
actions of each character in the story. What does each character symbolize? How does each
character contribute to an overall idea? What statements does the story make about life or
society? How do people interact and what is expected of them?
• The typical essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The key to
organization is clear structure and strong transitions from one idea to another.
• Your introduction will open your essay. State your thesis in your introduction. Your thesis will
be your interpretation of the story’s main idea or theme. Include the title of the story and the
author’s name as part of the thesis statement. You should introduce the characters and
briefly summarize what happens in the story.
• Your body paragraphs will use evidence from the story to support your thesis. Use specific
examples from the work to show why your idea is valid. Each paragraph needs at least one
Student Name: I.D. Number:
Be sure to include ALL pages of this project (including the directions and the assignment) when you
send the project to your teacher for grading. Don’t forget to put your name and I.D. number at the
top of this page!
Project 2 1! ENGH 040quote from the story for support. Discuss the significance of the main characters. What does
each represent or how are they symbols for larger segments of society? Each body
paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that explains what the paragraph will be about.
Everything in the paragraph should relate directly to the topic sentence.
• In your conclusion, you will summarize your essay. Briefly recount what you say in your
essay and restate your thesis statement. What point is the story making?
• Be sure to cite direct quotations properly. For directions about proper use of citations, refer to
the MLA Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publications, which is available in most libraries.
Guides to the MLA Style are available online, and there are guides on pages R21–R22 of
your textbook and also in your course appendix. For guidelines about grammar and
punctuation, refer to the “Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Handbook” on pages R46–R53
of your textbook and to your course appendix.
Part A will be worth fifty points. Your grade will be based on the rubric on the next page.
Project 2 2! ENGH 040[Begin typing Part A here—please double space your lines.]
Project Grading Table (Teacher Use Only) Points
An effect introduction that includes:
• A clear thesis statement about the theme of the story.
• Thesis includes the title of the story, the name of the author, as well
as the statement about the theme.
• A brief summary of the story.
• The characters are introduced in the introduction.
Main Ideas:
• Topic sentences are clear and relevant and guide the paragraphs.
• Each paragraph focuses on a specific aspect related to the theme.
• Ideas are varied and original.
• All of the required topics are covered.
• Interpretation of the story is logical.
• Information in each paragraph is well organized and sentences flow
Supporting details:
• Show clear understanding of events the author describes in the text.
• Details are well explained and connected to the topic.
• Information shows an understanding of the conflict and resolution.
• Character development and change is also included and supported.
Use of quotes as evidence from the textbook to support the thesis:
• Quotes are clearly related to the thesis and explained and
• Each body paragraph contains at least one relevant quote from the
• Quotes are correctly cited in the MLA format.
Writing Conventions (Refer to the guidelines on pages R21–R22 and
pages R46–R53 in your textbook and your course appendix):
• Proper use of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
• Capitalization is correct.
• All direct quotations in quotation marks.
• Solid use of paragraphing.
Project 2 3! ENGH 040Part B: Creative Component
Choose one of the following stories for this assignment:
Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path”
Katherine Anne Porter’s “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”
You are going to write a background story that explains what life was like for the main character as a
younger woman. Write a 600 word (two-page) biography or story of her life.
Based on the events described in the original story, think about what her life was like when she was
a young woman raising her children. Try to make an outline of the character traits that you would
expect her to have. Some of the questions that you might consider are:
What experiences did she have?
What events shaped her?
Does she have a job or an occupation?
Where does she live?
What complications might have occurred in her life?
What kind person of is she?
Who are her friends and family?
Try to come up with other ideas to use to create a good story.
Using the information in the story as a basis, create your own story for the character as a young
woman. As you think about this project, you may want to consider her beliefs, family, and way of
speaking. Be creative!
Part B will be worth fifty points. Your grade will be based on the rubric on the next page.
Project 2 4! ENGH 040Project Grading Table (Teacher Use Only) Points
Topic and Ideas:
• Entire story is related to the topic.
• Reader clearly understands the topic.
• Main events from the original story are included.
• Ideas are creative and original.
• The story has an organized plot.
• The characters are clearly described.
• The setting is evident as to the time and place of the story.
• The story has a conflict and resolution.
• The story is told with a fresh voice.
• Word choice is active and engaging.
• Dialogue enhances the story.
• Sensory details and images provide a vivid picture of the experiences
and events.
Sentence Fluency and Paragraphing:
• Sentences are smooth and easy to read.
• Sentences are varied in structure and length.
• Transitions are used to connect ideas.
• Writing demonstrates a solid use of paragraphing.
Conventions: (Refer to the guidelines on pages R21–R22 and pages
R46–R53 in your textbook or your course appendix.)
• Grammar is correctly used.
• Spelling is correct.
• Punctuation is correct.
• Capitalization is correct.
Project 2 5! ENGH 040[Begin typing Part B here—please double space your lines.]
Project Submission
To submit the project, save this project assignment document. Use the course number, your name,
and the project number in your file’s title:
Go to your course management system to upload your project file.
Project 2 6! ENGH 040

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