English paper

In this discussion, answer these two questions (using, of course, expert perspectives aka research) about your project (250 words minimum).

1) Why is answering/addressing this policy failure urgent? To whom? Says who? (You’ll first need to define what the policy failure is.)

2) Why is this problem not yet solved? What is preventing it from being addressed or responded to?

CITE and explain the positions of your experts. (Include at least five citations with annotations.)

In your annotations, you should identify and discuss opposition positions! So please elaborate on ALLIES and OPPONENTS. Who is likely, predictably AGAINST? Why? More helpfully, who is strategically against, or offering a compromise or alternative position?

We might accurately describe some opposition as “predictable” and therefore not spend a whole lot of time engaging it. On the other hand, people who generally agree but differ on tactics, strategy, and details demand some real attention. What about their position makes it more reasonable, viable, cost effective than a different one?

Respond to one or two of your peers’ discussion posts. (In order to receive credit for this assignment, you must respond to a peer’s post AND ask them a specific–not vague–question in your response.) We can help each other clarify our advocacy positions by offering feedback and asking targeted, constructive questions.


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